DOOM Nintendo Switch Review

DOOM for Nintendo Switch is a revelation. It’s important not just because it gives Switch owners a hardcore shooter to play.

It also demonstrates what the Switch is capable of. While the Switch version of DOOM lags noticeably behind the others in terms of performance, the experience is much the same.

Concessions have been made in order to make the Switch version work.

SnapMap isn’t included, the framerate has been dropped to 30fps and the visuals display somewhere between 540p and 720p.

It really doesn’t matter though. Playing DOOM on Switch is impossibly good.

Far better than it has any right to be.

If you own a Switch, there’s simply no reason not to get DOOM.

Can I Get a ‘Hell Yeah!?’

L-R:- Switch, PS4

As I mentioned above, DOOM on Switch is an important release for the console. It’s the first core shooter for the system and one of the first ‘adults-only’ titles. More importantly, it’s one of the few multiplayer games available. Aside from Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8, the multiplayer offerings on Switch are fairly slim.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”When playing in handheld mode it actually looks and feels better than when docked” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””][/perfectpullquote]

DOOM works towards remedying this. The full suite of features from the console and PC versions have been included here. DOOM’s multiplayer on Switch is flawless. Even in handheld mode, which is actually preferred. The Switch’s screen obscures much of the lowered graphical fidelity and framerate so that when playing in handheld mode it actually looks and feels better than when docked.

Besides, if you’re going to play DOOM on the big-screen, you might as well be playing it on another console or PC. If you don’t have any other platform, sure, play DOOM on the TV. It’s not what the Switch version is for though.

 The Number of the Beast

Sitting down on public transport and booting up DOOM is a real delight. It’s not that long ago that the best you could hope for in portable gaming were pixellated platformers. No, we’re able to take a game like DOOM anywhere we go. It’s actually staggering just how far gaming has come.

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The Switch, in particular, is the best possible example. Especially if you’re playing DOOM. Although it doesn’t look as good as the other versions, thankfully it plays just as well. Even with the reduced framerate and muddier image, DOOM on Switch still feels fast and fluid.

Killing hordes of demons still feels brutal and satisfying and the controls are as spot-on as ever. There really aren’t many criticisms that can be levelled at DOOM on Switch. Yes, it’s not as pretty and yes it doesn’t run quite as well, but the core of the game remains intact. Playing DOOM on Switch is every bit as good as playing it on other consoles. It also has the added benefit of being portable.

Go To Hell

DOOM on Switch seemed like an impossibility when it was announced. I was sceptical. After I’d gone hands-on at PAX Australia (on a TV) I doubted that the Switch version could be any good.

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I’m so happy that I was wrong. DOOM on the Switch is an example of everything the Switch does right. It’s a powerhouse title, scaled down to work on the portable console, without losing anything in the translation. If you already own DOOM you don’t need to get it again on Switch. If you do though, you’re guaranteed to have an absolute blast wherever you go.

For those who’ve never owned or played DOOM before, the Switch version is definitely worth it.

DOOM was reviewed on Nintendo Switch using a digital download provided to PowerUp! by Bethesda.

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