HearthStone’s Year of the Raven celebration gives players free cards

HearthStone’s Year of the Raven commences tonight. To celebrate the change from Mammoth to Raven, Blizzard is having a Celebraven. Not my words…

This event gives players free card packs just by playing HearthStone and will run for two weeks.

HearthStone Year of the Raven

From tonight (March 27) until April 10, everytime a player completes a daily quest, they will be awarded a card pack. The card packs will be randomly from Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, Kobolds & Catacombs, or even The Witchwood.

The Witchwood packs can be opened when the new expansion goes live in April. The other can be opened as they’re earned.

For the duration of the Year of the Raven celebration, the ‘Play a Friend’ quest will be deactivated. It will return at the completion of the event.

The Witchwood will launch in April and Blizzard has recently revealed 10 new cards for the expansion. It has also posted a schedule of the upcoming card reveals for fans to look forward to.

HearthStone is free-to-play on PC and Mobile.

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