Ten new cards revealed for HearthStone’s The Witchwood Expansion

HearthStone’s next expansion, The Witchwood, was the subject of a livestream today. Blizzard took the time to reveal 10 new The Witchwood cards as well as the expansion’s hero.

Game Designer Peter Whalen and Dan “Frodan” Chou took time out to introduce the new cards. Two Legendary cards were included as part of the reveal; the Shaman exclusive Hagatha the Witch and Warlock Minion Glinda Crowskin

You can take a look at these two cards below.

The Witchwood Cards

The two legendary cards, Hagatha the Witch and Glinda Crowskin have some pretty hefty abilities that could very easily turn the tide of a match in your favour.

Glinda Crowskin gives all minion in your hand Echo and her ability is not a Battlecry. This means that as long as she’s in play, all minions in your hand will have the new Echo ability.

Hagatha the Witch is a Hero Card which turns your Shaman into Hagatha and grants brand new emotes. When Hagatha is played, she deals three damage to all minions and grants five armour to the player.

New cards will continue to be revealed from now until the release of The Witchwood. Blizzard has posted a schedule for fans to know when to expect The Witchwood cards being revealed.

To check out all of The Witchwood cards that have been revealed, head to the official site.

The Witchwood expansion will launch for HearthStone in April.

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