World of Tanks update 1.0 launches today

World of Tanks update 1.0 launches today for PC and fans should get excited. The update brings an all-new graphics engine to pump up the visuals in addition to adding all new sound and audio properties.

World of Tanks update 1.0 is the biggest update in the history of the game which launched seven years ago. Partnering with Intel, Wargaming is hoping to ensure that World of Tanks remains at the forefront of gaming.

World of Tanks Update 1.0

Wargaming’s new Core engine is being implemented into World of Tanks with update 1.0. The new and improved visual fidelity refresh World of Tanks’ graphics, but that’s not all.

Update 1.0 will also completely reworked 29 battlefields, add a new soundtrack and the new Glacier map.

To celebrate the launch, Wargaming is hosting a two weeklong celebration dubbed the Grand Extravaganza. The event will see players having the chance to earn in-game bonuses and prizes from Intel.

“Update 1.0 improves the baseline technology for the game, introducing the in-house developed Wargaming Core graphics engine,” said Milos Jerabek, Development Director for World of Tanks PC. 

“Thanks to it, we’re now capable of elevating the entire game and can ensure World of Tanks is a fun and immersive experience for years to come.”

Michelle Chuaprasert, Sr. Director of Developer Relations Programs and Initiatives at Intel Corporation said Intel is committed to driving technical innovation in the PC gaming industry.

“The advancements being made by Wargaming in its next release of World of Tanks represent the next generation of PC gaming experiences.”

World of Tanks update 1.0 is launching at 1pm today Australian Eastern time and 3pm in New Zealand.

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