Home News Bethesda announces incoming patch for DOOM on Switch

Bethesda announces incoming patch for DOOM on Switch

Bethesda announces incoming patch for DOOM on Switch

Releasing DOOM on Switch was both a testament to the power of Nintendo’s handheld and the teams at id Software and Panic Button. Unfortunately, there have been some lingering issues making the Switch version a little broken. Thankfully Bethesda has announced a patch for DOOM on Switch is incoming.

The patch for DOOM on Switch is a much sought after and needed fix. Playing DOOM on Switch is great, but there are quite a few niggles and issues that make playing on the handheld a hassle on occasion.

The patch for DOOM on Switch will address audio and menu issues and more, so hopefully it really improves the experience. Some common bugs and issues noted about DOOM on Switch include;

  • Game freezing while using BFG
  • Massive framerate drops
  • Enemies and bosses becoming invincible
  • Sound degradation
  • Some items are unable to be collected after reloading


The list above is nowhere near complete but includes some of the most prevalent problems. It sounds as though id is hard at work to improve the overall experience of DOOM and the patch for DOOM on Switch is sure to be welcome.

DOOM is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.