Hold Final Fantasy XV in the palm of your hand with the Pocket Edition

Square Enix has announced the release of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition for both Android and iOS devices today. The miniature version of Final Fantasy XV was first announced at Gamescom.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition features cute, chibi characters and a simple touch control scheme. Pocket Edition has been designed to be played casually and is perfect for pick up and play on the go.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is split into 10 chapters. The first chapter is available free with the remaining nine available to purchase. Players can purchase chapters 2-10 for $30.99 AUD. Purchasing individual chapters is also an option, though it will work out to be more expensive.

Purchase Price

The breakdown of purchasing the chapters is as follows;

  • Chapter 2 – $1.49 AUD
  • Chapter 3 – $1.49 AUD
  • Chapter 4 – $5.99 AUD
  • Chapter 5 – $5.99 AUD
  • Chapters – 4 – 10 – $30.99 AUD

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition supports iOS devices 11.1 or later, Android devices with 5.0 or later and Amazon Fire HD 2017. Square Enix is also planning a release for Windows 10 and tvOS later in 2018.

Full details on Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition can be found on the official website.


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition joins the Final Fantasy XV universe along with the PC edition and the VR experience; Monster of the Deep.

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