Overwatch players can now select a skin at the beginning of each match

One of Overwatch’s most requested features was added as part of the Year of the Dog event update. At the beginning of each and every match, players now have the option to select which skin they’d like to use. Previously, players would need to select their skin from the Hero Gallery and would always use that skin until they chose another one.

Again, by using the Hero Gallery.

Select Skins Before the Match

Now, it’s as simple as pushing a button. On the Hero Select screen, either before or after you choose your hero, you can choose any of your unlocked skins.

While it certainly doesn’t fundamentally change the way Overwatch is played, it’s these little, quality of life changes that help to keep improving the experience.

In addition to the ability to select your skin, players will also be shown what mode they’re playing in and what map type. As you can see above, this screen was taken from a Quick Play match on Numbani which is aa Hybrid map and as such, shows the Hybrid icon.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about Overwatch at the moment. BlizzardWorld and the vanilla content update were released last month. Year of the Dog kicks off today for a full month and there’s a special competitive season of Capture the Flag.

Don’t forget the brand new Capture the Flag map too.

Overwatch is available now.

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