NetherRealm believes Injustice 2’s next DLC will “blow peoples’ minds”

During PAX Aus, PowerUp! had the opportunity to sit down with Derek Kirtzic, designer at NetherRealm. We spoke about Injustice 2Mortal Kombat and what the future holds for the studio. With all of the DLC fighters from “Fighter Pack #2” being revealed and Atom revealed from “Fighter Pack #3” we wanted to get some info on who else was included in the latest DLC.

There are two more unannounced characters and Kirtzic told me that they’re “gonna blow people’s minds.” I pressed him for any information, but he gave nothing away. Interestingly he did tell me that he believes the new characters are going to be a huge surprise.

“They’re gonna go, “NetherRealm did it again!” I am so excited for what we have coming. No one’s gonna see it coming. This is probably the most excited I am for a DLC pack in an announcement because people are gonna go, ‘No they did not. Shut the front door. They did what?’ It’s gonna be great.”

The final two silhouettes on the character select screen remain unknown. We have already received Red Hood, Starfire, Raiden and Black Manta and know that Hellboy and Atom are coming. Fans all seem to agree that Enchantress and Spawn seem to be the most likely, however, given Kirtzic’s insistence on how mind-blowing and surprising the DLC is going to be, we think it may be some other characters entirely.

Then again, he may have been trying to throw us off the scent. In any case, we can’t wait to see what NetherRealm does in the future with Injustice 2.

The finals of the PAX Aus Injustice 2 tournament will be played today, Sunday, October 29 at PAX Aus from 2PM.

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