PAX Aus – Destiny 2’s Ramen Pop-Up is the perfect break from the show

Day one of PAX is more than halfway done. If you’ve been in attendance since the doors opened you’ve likely not taken a proper break. It’s understandable, there’s a tonne of great stuff to see and do at PAX Aus. One thing you definitely should take time to check out is both interesting and a perfect break from the show.

Destiny 2’s Ramen Pop-Up is way down the end of South Wharf, on the Common Man’s Lawn. Created by Akachochin and its head chef Uein Hayashi Le, the Pop-Up has three flavours available; Zavala Ramen (Miso Broth), Cayde-6 Ramen (Spicy Tonkatsu Broth) and Ikora Rey Ramen (Soy Broth).

Each of the dishes costs $8.90 AUD without meat and $9.90 AUD with pork. For $15.50 AUD you’ll get a ramen, drink and rice cake.

Since there were three different ramen options available, we had to try them all. The Cayde-6 Ramen was a personal favourite and had a delicious, meaty pork flavoured broth. There wasn’t a lot of spice, so if you want it spicy, make sure you take advantage of the available spices. Both the Zavala and Ikora Ramen dishes were also really tasty and definitely well worth trying out.

It’s easy to forget to eat and drink properly during the PAX weekend. Getting away for even half an hour lets you recharge your batteries and come back to the show refreshed and energised. The Common Man’s Lawn is located along the Yarra and gets plenty of afternoon sun. It’s the perfect place to unwind, get something to eat and get some sun.

Destiny 2 is playable at PAX on PC on the NVIDIA, Razer and Alienware booths.

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