WipEout: Omega Collection – How to beat Zone events

WipEout: Omega Collection is out for PS4 this week. We’ve been playing it flat-out and have brought you a few tips to help you get along.

WipEout: Omega Collection includes Zone Events which require you to race for as long as possible without destroying your vehicle. The vehicle will accelerate automatically and continue to speed up for as long as you can stay alive.

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How to Survive Zone Events?

In the beginning, you’ll have very few vehicle options to choose from. As you complete events, level up, and earn medals you unlock new vehicles.

In 2048, you should be satisfied with getting a Pass and wait until you’ve unlocked other vehicles before you aim for Elite Pass.

The Feisar Agility ship and AG-Systems Agility ship are both excellent for surviving Zone. They both have really high handling stats which should enable you to stay on the track much more easily.

During Zone Events, you should do your best to learn the locations of the Speed Boosts. At lower speed, it’s not an issue to hit them and get a boost but as you get faster you want to be avoiding them if at all possible. When you hit the Speed Boost, you’re more likely to hit a wall and then start ping-ponging from side to side.

You’ll need to learn how to use your airbrakes properly to survive as well. Making turns becomes more and more difficult the faster you go and you’ll need to turn much earlier than you think. Making use of the airbrakes — L2 when turning left and R2 when turning right — will make it easier to stay in the middle of the track.

Good luck.

PowerUp! was provided with a pre-release digital download copy of WipEout: Omega Collection by Sony.

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