WipEout: Omega Collection – How to do best in Combat mode

WipEout: Omega Collection is out for PS4 this week. We’ve been playing it flat-out and have brought you a few tips to help you get along.

WipEout: Omega Collection’s Combat Events require you to earn a certain number of points within a time limit. To do so you need to damage the other racers on the track with the weapon pick-ups on the track.

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How to beat Combat Events?

Combat Events usually last for 3-minutes and after that time you’ll either have passed or failed. Passing is usually easy enough but getting an Elite Pass can be pretty difficult.

The first thing you may be tempted to do while in Combat Events is race and get out in front. This won’t help you at all. In fact, don’t even keep your finger on the X button all the time. You’ll be better off sticking to the back of the pack and going slower than usual.

By doing so, you can more easily manoeuvre on the track and make sure you collect every single weapon pick up. When you collect weapons, make sure you’re firing them off as quickly as possible and doing damage to the other racers. The best weapon for taking out other racers is Plasma. It fires slowly so you’ll need to be up close, but in most cases, you’ll destroy the other vehicle and gain extra points.

Stay up the back of the pack and keep firing into the other racers and pretty soon you’ll have more than enough points for an Elite Pass.

PowerUp! was provided with a pre-release digital download copy of WipEout: Omega Collection by Sony.

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