WipEout: Omega Collection – How to get a Boost Start

WipEout: Omega Collection is out for PS4 this week. We’ve been playing it flat-out and have brought you a few tips to help you get along.

Like lots of racing games, in WipEout: Omega Collection you can get a boost start at beginning of each race to help get out in front. Every race in Omega Collection places you in 8th place and the boost will help you make your way through the pack.

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So how do you get the boost?

Every race counts down from three and the race starts on GO. To make sure you get the boost you’ll need to press X just before ‘GO.’

You’ll know you’ve succeeded when you see red light/flames shooting from your vehicles exhausts. You’ll also notice a much quicker uptake of speed and you’ll earn 30xp for ‘Speed.’ Keen an eye on your XP counter and you’ll see it tick up from zero if you get the boost.

PowerUp! was provided with a pre-release digital download copy of WipEout: Omega Collection by Sony.

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