Andor – Interview with Adria Arjona (Bix Caleen)

Andor is already creating a stir. Unlike the sometimes inconsistent offerings Star Wars has been releasing of late (Mando not included, obviously), Andor is something special.

It’s a corporate thriller; a cold war spy story charting the course of Cassian Andor, inveterate shitheel, as he somehow wends his way towards becoming Rebel spymaster, and one of the key figures in securing the plans for the Death Star.


Andor, in short, feels like Rogue One. I sat down with the wonderful Adria Arjona, who plays one of Cassian’s offsiders, Bix Caleen. We talked about her role, theatre training, and how to resist the urge to steal props from the set.

The first four episodes of Andor are airing today on Disney+… and they’re bloody wonderful.

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Paul Verhoeven
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