Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Collectibles Guide – Shattergrave Barrow Lucky Dice

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is now available and is every bit as addictive, exciting and entertaining as you’d hope. In our review, we wrote that Wonderlands is “is a love letter to pen & paper RPGs…with guns.” It’s got magic, dragons and a whooooole lot of guns. There are also quite a number of levels and chapters that the story takes place across.

There are a number of levels that are required to be completed and a handful of optional ones, though they’re all great and well worth exploring, especially if you want to level up your character.

Within each of the levels, there are missions, quests, collectibles and more. One of the main types of collectibles are the Lucky Dice. These 20-sided beauties slightly increase your Loot Luck with each one you collect so the more you collect, the better the loot. You’ll hear Tina say that on more than one occasion. Trust me.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Shattergrave Barrows – Lucky Dice

There are 12 Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrows and the level is quite linear so it’s fairly easy to collect them all without missing any.

The first Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrows can be found inside the building located right near the beginning of the level. You’ll need to bust your way into the building and you’ll find the Lucky Dice sitting there waiting for you.

The next Lucky Dice is located on the eastern side of the map, hidden amongst some tombstones as you make your way forward through the level. Look to your right as you’re moving through and you’ll spy the Lucky Dice.

After you collect the Lucky Die near the tombstones, you’ll enter a large area with water and a small footbridge. At the south side of this area you’ll find a Lucky Die in an open grave.

Once you reach a large open area that has a large combat encounter, you’ll see a raised area with a platform leading up to it as well as some trees. The Lucky Dice is located on the eastern side of the raised platform.

The next Lucky Dice is at the western edge of this same large open area. Head upwards onto the raised platform on the western side and then head back towards the beginning of the level (south) and you’ll find the Lucky Dice behind a tombstone.

Next, stick to the western edge of the level and alongside the wall. Head towards the tree and you’ll find the Lucky Dice sitting underneath.

The next Lucky Dice is located in a small room at the east of the map, just after you’ve activated the checkpoint/fast travel totem. Smash up the barrels/crates blocking the way and head inside to grab the die.

The next Lucky Dice is on the western edge of the next section. After you’ve activated the fast travel totem and you make your way to the left (west) and up onto the next section, there’s a small, semi-hidden platform off to the left-hand side with a die sitting on top.

As you move through the level and begin to cross back to the east of the map, you’ll start to double back on yourself. As you’re moving through this large corridor section, you’ll need to climb up to the raised platforms and if you look back the way you came, you’ll see the Lucky Dice hiding up in the corner.

As you double back through the level and climb some stairs, keep an eye out on the right hand side and you’ll spy the Lucky Dice amongst some crates,

Next, as you walk through a narrow section, look to the left (west) and you’ll spy a Lucky Dice inside an open doorway.

Finally, as you continue through the level, you’ll come to a section where it branches off to the east (right). Follow this to its conclusion and you’ll find another Lucky Dice.

That’s all 12 Lucky Dice in Shattergrave Barrows. You can check out other guides for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands here.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is now available.

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