ASTRO Gaming Unveils CarbonNeutral A10 Gen 2 Wired Headset

Logitech G is sporting a brand new, redesigned ASTRO Gaming A10 headset that takes everything we loved about the original and adds a slick new look and sustainable production. The A10 Gen 2 Wired Headset clocks in at just under a hundred bucks, the perfect price point for gamers looking for an affordable headset that doesn’t sacrifice quality or style. The redesigned model will be dropping in stores later this month but you can check out a breakdown of the full specs below.

ASTRO Gaming Reveals A10 Gen 2 Wired Headset

The Gen 2 model is set to release in five different colour variants, adopting a range of pastel shades that give the headset a unique, clean look. Internally the new A10s will deliver high-fidelity audio with custom-tuned 32mm ASTRO Audio dynamic drivers. It also features the killer flip up to mute boom mic, now bolstered by 6.0mm unidirectional sound for better audio quality. ASTRO has also prioritised comfort for extended use as the A10 Gen 2 weighs a breezy 246 grams and has comfort padding and a lightweight frame.

“With the new A10, we focused on the idea of building to the needs and wants of the new generation customer, not just being a next-generation product. We made several improvements in performance and feature set, while also building a headset that is lightweight, comfortable and flexible for today’s multiple gaming scenarios” said Peter Kingsley, CMO at Logitech G. “It’s available in a number of bold colourways to reflect individual personality and style, and importantly, we are able to do so in a way that is sustainable for the planet and our society.”

The latest model is also one of ASTRO’s most sustainable headsets to date, having been certified as CarbonNeutral. In order to offset emissions from production, ASTRO has financed high-quality carbon offsetting that has reduced the footprint of the headset to zero. The plastic used in the model is also a minimum 35% post-consumer recycled content and even the packaging has been sourced from FSCTM-certified forests.

The ASTRO A10 Gen 2 Headset is set for release March 2022 for RRP $99.95. Check out the official site for more details.

James Wood
James Wood
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