Wargaming Moves To Support Ukrainians And Workers Affected By Russian Invasion

World of Tanks developers Wargaming has today stated its unequivocal support of its workers and the citizens of Ukraine who have been impacted by the unfolding Russian war efforts. The studio has donated $1 million dollars to the Ukrainian Red Cross and promised a range of support systems that are being put in place to help Wargaming employees based in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

Wargaming Supports Ukrainians and Workers Impacted By War

Workers based at Wargaming Kyiv’s studio have been provided with a range of financial and practical support systems to aid them through the ongoing crisis impacting the capital and wider Ukraine. A Wargaming spokesperson tells us via press release that “…the safety and security of our employees is the top priority. Currently, all available company resources are helping and supporting our 550+ colleagues: providing them with alternate housing, early salary payments, additional funds to aid travel and relocation.”

Wargaming’s internal support has also begun to aid employees’ families to travel to neighbouring countries in search of safety, going so far as to organise accommodation for them for the foreseeable future. Broadening the scope, Wargaming has also donated one million dollars to Ukraine’s Red Cross, which has been working to support hospitals and doctors, as well as displaced citizens and other humanitarian efforts across the war-torn country.

These supportive actions come as just today Wargaming creative director Sergey Burkatovskiy was fired from the company after he made statements in support of Russia’s actions on his Facebook page.

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