PlayStation to Plate launches in Melbourne & Sydney; bringing video game food to life with a chance to win a PS5

In partnership with Deliveroo, Mary’s, Bistro Morgan and The Italian Bowl, PlayStation Australian has cooked up the PlayStation to Plate promotion. Across these renowned Aussie restaurants, three dishes, inspired by three iconic PlayStation games, will be available from December 3 through December 13 2021.

“The last 18 months have truly highlighted the importance of play in our lives, The worlds of gaming and food have offered escapism and enjoyment for Aussies when we’ve needed it more than ever,” said Patrick Lagana, Director of Marketing, PlayStation Australia. “So, it seems fitting that we have brought these two cultures together, merging some of the best games and best restaurants to create a whole new experience for foodies and players alike.”

PlayStation to Plate expands on PlayStation’s “Play Has No Limits” mantra and brings virtual food, crashing into the real world.

PlayStation to Plate

Ellie’s Steak Sandwhich – Mary’s

Based on The Last of Us Part II, Ellie’s Steak Sandwich, from legendary burger joint Mary’s, recreates a moment from early in the game. This piece of digital foodage has been created and recreated across the world by numerous fans, however, Mary’s founders Kenny Graham and Jake Smyth have put their own spin on it.

Kenny Graham said of the dish, “Food, much like gaming has this incredible ability to offer people a chance to escape the mundane and connect with family, friends and even complete strangers. The sandwich in The Last of Us Part II represents that connection and that’s what we’ve been about since we started: bringing people together for good times and good food.”

Sirangian Honey Mousse – Bistro Morgan

Springing out of the colourful world of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a dessert by equally colourful chef Morgan Hipworth of Bistro Morgan. Hipworth started his bakery when he was just 13 years old and today, it’s one of Melbourne’s best known and most well-loved bakeries. If you’ve ever been on TikTok, chances are you’ve seen Morgan spruiking his doughnuts.

The Sirangian Honey Mousse, created by Chef Tulio Sirangian in Rift Apart is the perfect dish for Hipworth to recreate with his signature style.

Morgan said, “Food is an intrinsic part of Aussie culture, and there is no question that our relationship with it has grown deeply over the past couple of years. There are so many synergies with the gaming world: At the core, both have an innate ability to instantly transport you to another place or time, or
hopefully in this case another dimension!”

Thief’s Pasta – The Italian Bowl

The third and final dish of the PlayStation to Plate promo is the Thief’s Pasta from The Italian Bowl in Newtown. Bringing the pasta from Uncharted 4 to life, Alexi Spyridis took inspiration from the scene in the game where Nate and Elena bond over dinner and simply enjoy each other’s company.

“Running a restaurant for over a decade, you see the power of food and its importance in Australian culture. It’s been eye-opening to learn how important digital dishes also play in the storytelling within games and how equally important they can be,” according to Alexi Spyridis.

PlayStation to Plate dishes are available from now until December 13 at all three restaurants and through Deliveroo; if you’re within the delivery area. Anyone ordering through Deliveroo has the chance to receive one of five Golden Tickets. Those lucky diners who receive a Golden Ticket will win a PS5 console.

Full terms and conditions of the promo are available here.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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