Home News Catch Rudeism playing Farming Simulator 22 with his ‘Tractroller’ tonight

Catch Rudeism playing Farming Simulator 22 with his ‘Tractroller’ tonight

Catch Rudeism playing Farming Simulator 22 with his ‘Tractroller’ tonight

Farming Simulator 22 and Rudeism have teamed up for one hell of a PR stunt. The Christchurch based Rudeism (Dylan Beck) is well known for turning all manner of objects into controllers, including a baguette, pomegranate and microwave. But for Farming Simulator 22, Beck has gone all out.

The ‘Tractroller’, dubbed as such due to being built inside an actual working tractor, is the ultimate way to play Farming Simulator 22…I’m guessing. The aesthetics are bang-on.

Beck hasn’t just built this monstrous controller, he’s been using it to play and stream Farming Simulator 22 to his fans. Tonight will be his third and final stream which will commence at 5pm AEDT and run for two hours.

Farming Simulator 22 Tractroller

The Tractroller is built within a CASE IH tractor which is a new addition to Farming Simulator 22 which includes over 100 “authentic brands” and “over 400 genuine farming machines.” Located on an actual, working farm outside of Dalfield on the South Island, Beck has already successfully completed two live streams from inside the Tractroller.

Beck says of the experiment, “Working on building a tractroller has been an absolute dream of mine ever since I turned my old Honda into a controller to play a racing game years ago. My controller builds have been getting bigger and crazier over the years, and for increasingly intense games, so I’m thankful a relaxing game like Farming Simulator exists to help balance things out.”

Farming Simulator 22 launched on November 22 from GIANTS Software. It is the latest in the franchise which began in 2008 and now has a global fandom of millions of gamers.

Tonight is your last chance to tune in and see Rudeism’s Tractroller in action. You can catch him streaming from 5pm AEDT on Twitch.

Farming Simulator 22 is now available.