Luka Dončić and 2K Foundations refurbished two basketball courts in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Luka Dončić and 2K Foundations, “the philanthropic arm of 2K that supports and inspires underserved communities,” have worked together to refurbish two courts in Dončić’s hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The refurbishments include new seating and lighting as well as artwork designed by Dončić.

A local artist, chosen by Dončić — Nejc Prah — brought the design to life which incorporates the initials LD and the number 77.

Dončić said, “This is a very exciting day for me.  I have great memories growing up in Ljubljana.  These are my childhood courts where I learned and practised the game.

“It’s an honour to be able to give back to my city and to my country that gave me so much and that I love.  The opportunity for kids to play on the same courts and pursue the same dreams I had is something I am excited about.”

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The refurbished courts are where Dončić learned to play while growing up and as part of the celebration event, he signed the court and dedicated it to the community. Locals were able to take part in some basketball too; 3 v 3 games and clinics were the name of the game.

David Ismailer, President of 2K said;

Foundations plays a very important role for 2K and our sports titles. We’re incredibly proud of the contributions made to communities, from court refurbishments to STEM programming. Since 2018, the foundation has completed over 40 community enrichment projects, reaching communities across the globe.

We’re honoured to have created a program that plays a part in giving some of the world’s biggest athletes and talents, such as Luka, the chance to further connect with the communities that mean so much to them.

Other projects completed by 2K foundations include renovated courts in Moss Point, Mississipi and Birmingham, UK. Additional projects are ongoing in LA, Oakland, Minneapolis and New Orleans and are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021. For more information, head to the website.

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