Murder on Eridanos comes to The Outer Worlds on Switch this month

Private Division and Obsidian have announced that Nintendo Switch players will finally be able to enjoy The Outer Worlds’ expansion; “Murder on Eridanos.” While the expansion was released on other platforms months ago, the Switch release is coming on September 8.

Presenting players with an intriguing whodunit in which Rizzo’s spokesperson, Halcyon Helen, has been found murdered. Players need to “uncover crime scene clues and unlock different quest routes” while making use of the new gadget; the Discrepancy Amplifier.

The expansion raises The Outer Worlds’ level cap by three, introduces new science weapons, armour and more customisation options.

Murder on Eridanos -The Outer Worlds

In order to access “Murder on Eridanos,” players will need to have progressed past Monarch. The expansion is available on the eShop for $22.95 AUD or available through the expansion pass.

The Outer Worlds “Murder on Eridanos” expansion will launch for Switch on September 8, 2021.

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