Are Casino Bonuses Worth It?

Casino bonuses and promotions have never been this good. Welcome bonuses of up to 150% are easy to find in a good number of casinos today. There are No Deposit bonuses which give you the chance to play for free but win actual money. How real are these bonuses? The bonuses are very real, but winning them is a different story. Casinos are facing more competition than ever. They have to pull in new customers and ring-fence old customers with lucrative bonuses.

Playing in a low minimum deposit casino is an alternative to playing with a bonus. Some expert players say that if you get the chance to join low minimum deposit casinos, then take it! Why is this? Casinos do not usually land big wins because of playthrough requirements.

Here are some common Casino bonuses:

Welcome Bonus

Just as the name says, this bonus is for new members. Some casinos offer a bonus on your first deposit, e.g., 100% top up on your first deposit. Others give you free plays, e.g., 100 free spins. To make it even more enticing, some casinos will combine both offers.

A No deposit bonus is very interesting. It is offered to new members to try out the casino. This bonus allows you to play for real money, depositing none of your money.

Reloading Bonus

This bonus rewards you for being active in a casino. It is pegged on the number of plays in a certain period e.g., $50 bonus on every Friday for playing at least 3 times in a week. Some casinos offer this bonus if you play on slow days; Tuesday and Wednesday.

Cash Back Bonus

The cash back bonus returns part of your stake if you lose a bet. It is open to stacked bets (multibets) on sports. You will get a percentage of your stake back depending on the number of games that you lose. Higher odds attract higher cash back e.g., 10% cashback on minimum odds of 2.5 and  30% cashback on minimum odds of 5.5.

How Good Are Casino Bonuses?

Bonuses come with playthrough requirements which restrict cashing out a bonus stake until you meet some terms and conditions. For example, a $20 bonus with  10x playthrough translates to:

  • Playing with odds of 10
  • Playing until you win $200
  • Playing and winning 10 games in a row with odds

The casino is well protected because it is unlikely that any of these scenarios are likely to happen. You could win up to the fifth game and then lose all of it in the sixth game. You could opt to lay a stake of $100 playing with odds of 2, but it wouldn’t make sense. High playthrough requirements are very effective at blocking you out from claiming bonuses. 

Low Minimum Deposit casinos

Low minimum deposit casinos allow players to deposit amounts as low as $1. There are no betting limits to what you can win with your low deposit. Whatever you win, you keep without restrictions. Playing in a low deposit casino is a better bargain than playing with a bonus.

Bonuses are good for trying out new casinos and games, but it is unlikely that they will put money in your pocket. Try a low minimum deposit casino if you are looking to play affordably.

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