Are Gamers Ready for a Standing Desk? The Benefits Await

Gamers often get a bad rap, seen as wanting to sit on the couch and play games, however with game streaming and high stakes tournaments, the gaming world is now a professional and high-stress industry to be in.

Gamers are often on their computers or gaming consoles throughout the day, and can often put in the same hours, or longer, than those of us who work from an office. With gamers being relegated to their offices throughout the day, comfort, both physical and mental, is incredibly important to be a productive and professional gamer.

The biggest challenge for gamers is their workspace, and how to maintain their comfort and physical wellbeing while working and streaming throughout the day. While there are now high-tech gaming chairs, ergonomic keyboards and other accessories that can help gamers to be at the top of their game, traditionally they will be sitting and working from a desk.

This is where a standing desk from can come in and begin to offer untold benefits, enhancing comfort and thereby enhancing availability to the game for longer hours, directly impacting game skills and earning potential as a professional gamer, while also increasing comfort and physical health.

What is a Standing Desk?

A standing desk is a desk that is adjustable and can continually fluctuate from a standard desk to a higher deck that allows one to be standing and moving around, without the need to bend over to reach the level of a traditional desk.

These standing desks are often highly adjustable and offer a range of various sizes, heights and angles for completing work. You can start the day sitting, and easily adjust the height levels of the desk, to suit your needs as the day progresses. Here are some great product ideas that can ensure gamers are utilizing their workspace to maximize efficiency and comfort while gaming.

How can Gamers Benefit from Standing Desks?

1.    Taking Breaks from Sitting

Normally if a gamer needs to take a break to stand and walk around, they will stop their game or streams, and do so. With the availability of standing desks, a gamer can adjust their position from sitting to standing without needing to fully take a break.

2.    Ease of Transition from Sitting to Standing

One of the greatest benefits of these desks is that it allows gamers to maintain their screen at eye level. This allows gamers to stand rather than sit, but maintain the correct vantage point on their computer or tv screens.

If a gamer reaches an incredibly difficult or stressful level, they can stand up and continue to play, possibly moving with the game, while still maintaining a vantage point and not having to look down at the screen, or lean down over the computer.

3.    Reducing Back Pain and Increasing Circulation

Not only can the ability to stand and play help with challenging levels, but it also can assist with the circulation in the legs and feet, and reduce any back pain that comes from sitting for too long. It can be very uncomfortable to sit all day, and those in offices take for granted the time they have to get up, walk for their coffee or lunch break.

Professional gamers’ lives and livelihoods revolve around available screen time, especially if their income stream comes from streaming. By being able to stand and still comfortably use and see their systems and screens, gamers can reduce their downtime, which can have a positive effect on their experience level and earning potential.

Normalizing Standing Desks for Multiple Professions

While many professions have moved from the office to remote work during the global pandemic, gamers have not. It is important to ensure your workspace, no matter the nature of your work, is comfortable and flexible and allows you to be in top form.

Standing desks provide a great range of flexibility and are a great addition to any home office environment, be it traditional or non-traditional. As gamers spend the majority of their time at their desks, ensuring the appropriate seating and working equipment can make or break their careers just the same as their technology can.

While most gamers are concerned with having the latest technology, equipment, consoles and games, they can overlook the personal health detriments and benefits of an inappropriately equipped workspace.

Moving away from traditional stationary desks and implementing an adjustable standing desk can revolutionize a professional gamers’ ability to succeed in an industry where screen time is key.

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