The Power of Variety in Online Slots

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The beauty of the internet is its ability to fit so much content into a virtual space. Whole libraries are hosted on servers and entire worlds live in web browsers. As technology continues to improve, more people are accessing services and entertainment online, and as a result, the online gaming industry is expanding and diversifying.

Somewhere the lack of physical space makes a big difference to the gaming industry and in the particular online casino industry. No longer limited by floor space, online casinos are free to host as many games as they want, and nowhere is the variety greater than when looking at online slots.

Themed Games

Slot machines have always come in different themes. While the first slots earned the nickname ‘fruit machines’ because of the pictures on their reels, fruits are now just one of the dozens of different themes you can find at an online casino. Other popular designs include gems, luck of the Irish, animals, ancient gods, and the Wild West.

One of the reasons for having so many options to choose from is that online casinos can hope to appeal to a wide variety of people. While more advanced players will look at the stats of each slot to find out how it plays and pays, newcomers are more likely to be attracted to slots with a design they find appealing. And the more different designs, the more new players a website will attract.

But it’s not just about bringing in new customers. While existing customers will always return to old favourites, they can also get bored easily. Introducing new slots in exciting designs will help make sure they don’t find another website to play on. Keeping up-to-date with the best slot machine games in a huge variety of different themes and styles is a sign of a good online casino.

Online operators have the ability to offer a wide range of themed games such as slots compared to land based casinos.

The top three most popular themes for online slots at the moment are:

  • Mythology
  • Animals
  • Fruits

These all use images and tropes which are instantly recognisable to most people and are therefore appealing to a wide range of customers.


This covers everything from Ancient Egyptians and Greeks to Vikings and Native Americans. Basically, anything from a culture or religion that isn’t widely practised today. With so many different subsections, it’s no surprise that around 1/6 of all online slots have a mythological theme. You’d think with so many out there that the slots might get a bit repetitive in appearance, but there are so many mythological images, symbols and stories to choose from that designers seem to have almost infinite variety. If this strokes your fancy, try Eye of Horus for an Egyptian theme or Fortunes of Sparta for more of a Greek feel.


None of your cuddly, cutesy cartoon critters here, as they could be seen to be appealing to children, but animal themes are solid slots favourites. Safari and jungle themes are common, with big animals like lions, elephants, gorillas and giraffes gracing the reels. There’s also often a crossover with mythological slots – with dragons and pandas featuring amongst Chinese mythology and leopards and eagles showing up on Mayan and Aztec slots. For some pure animal fun, check out Hot Safari and Raging Rhino Megaways.

Safari themed slot games are quite popular online, as providers take their players on an ‘adventure into the wild’.


You can’t beat a traditional favourite, and fruit symbols are still one of the top designs chosen for online slots. This theme provides a nice, simple option for people who don’t want to be inundated with fancy pictures and special effects which could be distracting when you’re trying to get to grips with a new game. Having said that, there are also some fun takes on the fruit machine trope, like Fruit Abduction, and for a festive twist, check out Fruit Shop: Christmas Edition.

There are many different advantages to each of these themes, from royalty-free imagery to popular references. But they are still only a very small fragment of the themes available. Slots based on movies, characters and even musicians are becoming increasingly popular, as fans gravitate towards recognisable themes.

It’s in the best interest of online casinos to provide a variety of different slots. So, while some real-life casinos may stick to a theme – like Caesar’s Palace and the Luxor in Las Vegas – online casinos want to cater for as many customers’ tastes as possible. So, you will find that one site will host a number of slots with a range of different themes available in order to avoid customers shopping around.

Slots have transferred particularly well to the online medium because of the ease in which anyone can play them. Each slot machine is entirely based on luck, so no skills are needed to be able to win a prize. This makes them much more appealing to play than traditional table games like poker and blackjack, where you have to learn the rules and basic strategies before being able to play. With slots, anyone can load up a game and play straight away.

Having a variety of online slots on your website guarantees that you will appeal to a range of different potential customers. Different themes, as well as different play styles, keep players interested and stop them from looking elsewhere for new games to play

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