How to Spot Hidden Video Game Design Tricks

In the era of video games and constant complaints of their “copying” of real life, we must sometimes wonder how much of that alteration is actually justified and honest. Whoever played any video game, especially the ones which mimicked nature’s design in perfection, couldn’t help but notice irregularities and predestination sometimes so small that they are basically hidden and on other occasions really big ones (like the ones that mess with the laws of physics, for example).

The Hidden Tricks

If you ever wondered or never heard of what sorts of design tricks could be used, we’ll mention just a few:

  • In shooting games, your enemies’ first shots have very, very bad aim.
  • It seems you might have superior skill in a certain game, but only because the game developers want you to think so.
  • Brand new online players would get a huge damage increase in their weapons, at least for the first few kills in order to keep them playing some more.
  • In some video games, the character’s movements are programmed to follow a certain pattern, and the right combination of randomness and predictability is actually there to please you.
  • Many large games will only render what’s in front of you with the things around the edges not as sharp as the environment directly in the middle of your view.
  • The large group of enemies is not attacking all at once but instead wait for you to specifically target one or turn around in their direction.
  • The gamers have a bit of an extra window to make crucial jumps.

Tricking the Trickers?

One of the solutions for the developer’s uniformity and ordinance (or maybe the cause) is making the game easier to play, avoiding the already set way and pace of the game. The people behind believe that game cheats are the inevitability, the yin for video games’ yang, and have been the starting part of the pack of most video games in the past. It most certainly does not have to mean that we are talking about anything illegal or abuse of codes; some websites have a nice community, forum, and general reviews network where you can find useful information about many games and connect with many like-minded people.

In the gaming community, the video game Dark Souls is a well-known example of such complexity and is considered a generally hard game. Many reviews confirm that with the little help of cheats the game became easier to play and to understand.

The Psychology Behind

With all of these technologies and design solutions, the customers and product users are given more time to make decisions and so additionally get the feeling that they’re the ones who are actually making them. A combination of the right camera effects alongside the sound and lighting effects can really give you the impression of moving, driving, flying, fighting, from the comfort of your home.

The quest for a high score actually became one of the earliest examples of competitive gaming which goes perfectly with our competitive gene in real life. Why try and fail in real life if you can just not pass the level and try again and again in a virtual one. All these little and hidden tricks of video games are well entwined with our desires to achieve and fears of failing. And do not forget that these unrevealed tricks are the ones actually used to make video games more enjoyable.

Revealing the Secret

Following the psychology of the human mind, one can easily conclude here that if the gamers or potential customers were to find out about these tricks – the video game industry would collapse under the burden of deception and lies.

It is already a known case of a thread in which game designer Jennifer Scheurle started on Twitter in 2017 mentioning some of the biggest and well-known video games and their design tricks. Although many people didn’t have the faintest idea those things existed, the game industry did not collapse because one of the reasons is that we are also talking about really subtle design tricks.

Every game tries to play with people’s expectations and instincts in order to shape a more interesting and fulfilling game experience, that is a fact and that is why we play them. Because we would like to think that these tricks and cheats that developers insert are not necessarily made profit-wise but for the sake of our imagination, curiosity, and wellbeing. It is just that video games are in many ways illusions, and like any good magic trick, revealing the secret rarely makes it better. It just makes it more real.

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