The Perfect Gift for the Gamer in your Life

When looking for the perfect gift for someone that shows just how much you appreciate them and are grateful to have them in your life, one of the best ideas is to link the present with their passion, interest or hobby. For those with a gamer in your life, the advances in technology mean there is a range of ideas that are sure to suit your intended recipient.  Here are some ideas:

Gaming TV

The best gaming televisions have been prices fall recently which means there are some amazing televisions not just for gamers, but for those looking to upgrade. If you are looking for gifts for husband and you and your family would also appreciate a new TV, investing in a gaming TV is almost a guarantee that it will do everything else well too.  This would be a great anniversary present, as it is a gift from you to him, but also to yourself.

There are different gamer televisions to choose from, with a 4K TV being a standard and the size of the TV or your budget likely to limit the choices you have. If you are looking to upgrade because of the next-generation consoles, there are particular televisions best suited to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Higher-end models provide a gaming panel that will enhance the gaming experience.

Upgrade their Xbox

If you are buying a gift for a gamer who loves their Xbox, consider an upgrade to The Xbox Series X which launched in November 2020. This console is four times more powerful than Microsoft’s current Xbox One X console, with an SSD for faster load times and a more powerful processor from AMD for better graphics.

The new Xbox console will carry forward Xbox One games, with existing backwards compatibility with original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles on the Xbox One also carried forward.

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 has rewritten the rules of gaming and a new console will enable your game to experience lightning-fast loading and ultra-high-speed SSD. If they have this already, consider gifting accessories including a wireless controller that harnesses haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, signature comfort and more. There is also a 3D pulse wireless headset built for the PS5 with 3D Audio and easy controls putting gamers at the centre of the games.

Hideo Kojima games

If your gamer is used to playing the big-budget blockbusters, broaden their horizons with a game by Hideo Kojima, a Japanese auteur blurring the lines between games and movies. As the world’s most famous video game designer he is regarded by as the gaming equivalent of  Martin Scorsese or Terrence Malick. Launched in 2019 after three years in development, Death Stranding is his most famous game, with players tasked with delivering packages across the barren USA where the living and dead coexist. The game rewards players for working together, far from the traditional video-game violence.

Gaming convention

Whether a potential vacation location or an event to join via videolink, being immersed in the gaming world with others sharing the same interests could be a gamer’s dreams.  They can network at GamesBeat to find out from today’s leaders in gaming just how the industry is changing. There are many other events to consider.

A different direction is taken at the Games for Change Festival 2021 which connects global community of developers, educators, students, researchers, and others to explore the past year in social impact games and immersive media. The 2020 festival connected almost 7,000 people from across 51 countries.

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