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Mafia: Definitive Edition has been rebuilt from the ground up by Hangar 13. In addition to new visuals, tweaked missions, new gameplay and a game brought into 2020, Hangar 13 has added a number of Collectibles for players to find. These Mafia: Definitive Edition Collectibles are found scattered throughout missions and appear on the mini-map when you get close.

There are eight kinds of collectibles, with 117 comics, cards and postcards to be found, in addition to a number of stuffed foxes.

During missions, when you approach an area with a collectible, it will appear on your mini-map, helping you locate it not miss it as you progress. This guide will help you find and locate all Black Mask comics.

We’ve listed them grouped by location. The game lists them in chronological order which isn’t super helpful for finding them as you go.

Mafia: Definitive Edition – Black Mask Locations

A Black Mask is located just to the east of Salier’s Bar in Little Italy. Exit the bar and go north until you come to the first intersection to the right. Walk along the street on the north side and you’ll find the comic next to a chair.

A Black Mask can be found near Sarah’s apartment. You can grab this one during the A Trip to the Country chapter or anytime during free play.

After you deal with the border patrol and drive the truck back to the warehouse you’ll be prompted to drive to Sarah’s. When you get there, before you head inside, go down the alley towards the wooden fence.

You’ll find the comic on the left-hand side of the alley, next to a garbage can.

A Black Mask is located near the entrance to the harbour in the Worker’s Quarter. You can grab this comic anytime.

Right outside the entrance to the harbour is a pay phone. Lying on the ground next to the phone box is the comic.

You can find another Black Mask at the western side of the Federal Customs Impount in the Worker’s Quarter. Get to the most western road in the south-west of the Worker’s Quarter and look for an open/parking area.

Go into the area then look for a small alley to the east. In between the trash and next to some garbage cans you’ll find the comic lying on the ground.

East of Chinatown you can access two small islands from the south of Terranova Bridge. This is the island the politician was delivering his speech from during Election Campaign. Head onto the island and go to the south-eastern section.

North of the two small docks on the island is a set of stairs. Go up the stairs and you’ll find the comic on the ground next to a garbage can.

There’s a Black Mask right outside the entrance to the Lost Heaven race track. Outside the main entrance go to the south, passed the closed gate, and you’ll find the comic on the ground next to a flower bed.

A Black Mask can be found near the bar you visit in Omerta to find out about the FBI and Frank. You can grab this during the chapter or anytime.

Once you get to the bar you can head across the road to the outdoor dining area located in the triangular fenced off area. Inside this area, on the ground near a table, planter box and power pole, you’ll find the comic.

A Black Mask is located on Central Island, in front of a news stand.

Head west from Moulton’s City Theatre and you’ll see the news stand at the intersection. The Black Mask comic is sitting on the ground, waiting for you to pick it up.

There’s a Black Mask outside Moulton’s Theatre on Central Island. Head to the front of the theatre then go slightly to the east. Next to a garbage can, planter box and park bench, you’ll find the comic on the ground.

Out the front of the Art Gallery/Museum on Central Island is yet another Black Mask lying next to a garbage can. Go to the museum then head east of the entrance. In front of a statue you’ll find the comic to the east of the garbage can.

This Black Mask we found is behind St Michael’s Church. It can be grabbed during The Saint and The Sinner chapter or during free play. Head around to the back of the church and underneath the scaffolding, you climb on to get inside the church from the rooftops.

Next to a garbage can, on the sidewalk behind the church, you’ll find the comic.

A Black Mask is loctaed in Holbrook to the north-west of the ‘H’ in Holbrook on the map. At the south side of the black at the very west of a group of six before one large block (check the map in the slideshow above), you’ll find a large open area/alley.

This is the same location you go to after successfully robbing the bank to hide the car and the money; Sam’s club.

Go all the way into this area and around to the right and you’ll find the comic hiding behind some garbage cans.

In Oakwood/Downtown, behind the diner you chase Sergio Morello through, you can actually access the beach. Go to either the left or right sides of the diner and you’ll find some stairs you can go down.

Once you reach the next level down go towards the centre of the area and you’ll see a park bench, slightly more west of the staircase leading down to the beach. On the west side of this beach, you’ll find the comic.

You can find another Black Mask at the Lansom Stadium. You can’t get inside the stadium at all during the game (unfortunately) but you can walk around the outside and explore the entrances.

Right on the ‘M’ on the name on the map, you’ll find a comic on a pillar near a gated entrance.

In Beech Hill, at the turnout/overlook on the western side of the neighbourhood, you can find a Black Mask on the ground next to a garbage can.

If you’re struggling, look for the water tower in the distance. It should be right in the middle of your screen when facing the city and you’ll be in the right spot to grab the comic.

In the cemetary in Oakwood, you’ll find another Black Mask. This one is located on the ground next ro a park bench. On the map, it’s right on top of the ‘Y’ and ‘C’ of the words ‘City Cemetary.’

It’s pretty much in the middle of the cemetary on the northern side.

In Downtown, in an alley at the northern side of the Hotel Corleone, you’ll find a Black Mask sitting on a chair.

The chair and comic are at the base of a set of stairs which lead east, towards St Michael’s church.

In the alleyway outside Pepe’s Restaurant is another Black Mask. You can’t grab this during Bon Appétit so you’ll have to come back in free play.

Look for a planter box with a tree. The comic is lying on the ground next to this box.

In the north-east corner of Oakwood, in the backyard of the house opposite the safe house the FBI hold Frank in, there’s a Black Mas on a BBQ.

Hop the fence and go around the back of the house and you’ll find the comic there.

One Black Mask can be found in the countryside, north of Lost Heaven. Head north from Chinatown and you’ll soon come to a farm on the east side of the road. Go up the driveway and double back to the south side of the farm.

Next to a wooden bench, overlooking the road, is the comic lying on the ground.

That’s all 20 Mafia: Definitive Edition Black Mask comics. For more help, check out the rest of our guides here.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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