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Mafia: Definitive Edition has been rebuilt from the ground up by Hangar 13. In addition to new visuals, tweaked missions, new gameplay and a game brought into 2020, Hangar 13 has added a number of Collectibles for players to find. These Mafia: Definitive Edition Collectibles are found scattered throughout missions and appear on the mini-map when you get close.

There are eight kinds of collectibles, with 117 comics, cards and postcards to be found, in addition to a number of stuffed foxes.

During missions, when you approach an area with a collectible, it will appear on your mini-map, helping you locate it not miss it as you progress. This guide will help you find and locate all Super Science Stories comics.

We’ve listed them in the order we found them. The game lists them in chronological order which isn’t super helpful for finding them as you go.

Mafia: Definitive Edition – Super Science Stories

There’s a Super Science Stories comic just south of Morello’s Bar in North Park. You can grab this comic during Molotov Party or anytime during free play. From the car park you and Paulie pull up in, stick to the south side of the street and when you come to the group of guys hanging around, go into the loading dock area.

Near a garbage can on the ground if the comic.

After you smash up the cars at Morello’s Bar and head back to Salieri’s go into the garage and you’ll find this Super Science Stories comic on a bench.

You can only grab this comic during the Better Get Used to It chapter. Once you get inside the garage being used by the hoodlums you’ll need to “Clear the Yard.” At the northern edge is a couch covered by a sheet.

The comic is sitting on this couch.

You can find this comic at Salieri’s warehouse in Holbrook. You can grab it at the end of A Trip to the Country or anytime during free play. If you grab it during A Trip to the Country, once you make it back to the warehouse, before you go to Sarah’s apartment, go to the north side of the lot.

At the north-west of the warehouse, between the fence and building is a small alley. You’ll find the comic on the ground in this alley, behind a garbage can.

You can only grab this comic during Omerta. It’s located inside the terminal at Lost Heaven airport inside the employee lounge/kitchen. Look the window at the parking lot and you’ll see the comic on a bench.

You can only grab this Super Science Stories comic during the Visiting Rich People chapter. Once you get to the attorney’s mansion and climb the fence, make your way through the maze and take out all th guards.

Once you do, before you head inside, check the lounge chairs alongside the pool. On a chair on the south side of the pool is the comic.

You can only grab this Super Science Stories comic during Bon Appétit. Once you gain control of Tommy, head into the kitchen. Before you go outside to kill Morello’s goons and make your way back to the front of Pepe’s, check the kitchen.

You’ll find the comic in the back-right corner on a bench.

You can only grab this comic during the Happy Birthday chapter aboard the boat. Once you’re on board, explore the boat and find the kitchen. Inside, you’ll find the comic on the bench.

You can only grab this comic during Just for Relaxation. Once you finally make it into th warehouse holding the cigars, before you go downstairs to find them, go to the far side of the room and into the office.

Make sure you watch out for the guards. If they spot you and shoot, you’ll fail and have to reload the checkpoint. You’ll find the comic inside the office on top of some filing cabinets.

You can only grab this Super Science Stories comic during The Death of Art chapter. Inside the gallery, once you make it onto the first floor you’ll need to fight your way through a bunch of rooms full of goons.

These rooms have paintings on the walls and display cabinets throughout. Once you’ve cleared them all out and have to chase Sam, you’ll go into a corridor and in the top left corner before you turn to chase Sam, you’ll see the comic on a shelf.

In the north of the countryside there’s a location called North County Marina. There are a number of shacks and docks here and on the most northern dock you can find the comic next to a chair.

South-east of Clark’s Motel there’s a house on the road that leads to Berry Wood Creek. At the southern edge of the property is a gazebo/shelter and you can find the comic sitting on the brick structure.

Directly north of Chinatown is a tiny location called Overlook. Head here by driving north out of Chinatown on the eastern side and then take the dirt road to the right.

Climb the overlook building and you’ll be able to grab the comic on the right-hand side when looking out over Lost Heaven.

You can find this Super Science Stories comic at the very south-east of Lost Heaven near the Beech Hill Lighthouse. Make your way to the lighthouse and then go to the left/east to find some park benches and a garbage can.

You can find the comic on the ground next to the park benches.

East of Chinatown you can access two small islands from the south of Terranova Bridge. This is the island the politician was delivering his speech from during Election Campaign. Head onto the island and then go south onto the second smaller island.

At the very south-eastern tip of this smaller island, you’ll find the comic next to a garbage can.

East of Chinatown and north of the Works Quarter, you can find this comic near an outdoor toilet outside a shack.

This Mafia: Definitive Edition – Super Science Stories comic is found on a dock at the east of Central Island. Head west from Moulton’s City Theatre and down onto the waterfront area.

You’ll see a dock with a small row boat at the end. The comic is next to a chair and fishing road as you look north towards Giuliani Bridge.

This comic is found on Central Island on the walking bridge above the West River Tunnel exit. Head to the bridge and look for a stone bench at the northern side.

You’ll find the comic sittin on the bench.

At the south-east edge of Central Island is St Peter’s Docks. This is the location for the beginning of Happy Birthday. You can’t access that inner area in free play but you can access the docks and area to the south.

Head to the warehouse building just south of the word ‘Docks’ on the map and then go west. On a small jetty which looks out across the steamboat, you’ll find the comic next to a chair and fishing rod.

This Super Sciences Comic is located downtown, at the western edge of the island. On the letter ‘D’ on the map is a parking garage.

Head up to the top level and look west out across the river. You’ll see the comic sitting on the edge of the building.

That’s all 20 Mafia: Definitive Edition Super Science Stories comics. For more help, check out the rest of our guides here.

Mafia: Definitive Edition is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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