Home Guide Marvel’s Avengers Resources Guide – What are they, where do you find them & what do they do?

Marvel’s Avengers Resources Guide – What are they, where do you find them & what do they do?

Marvel’s Avengers Resources Guide – What are they, where do you find them & what do they do?

Marvel’s Avengers is a loot focused game and that means resources. In-game, players will find and use a number of resources to purchase items from vendors and to power up and improve their loot (gear). Like other games in this genre, it can be a little confusing understanding the various collectibles.

Luckily, we’ve done out best to simplify things and help you understand what the resources in Marvel’s Avengers are, what they do and where you can get them. When you play Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll need to constantly acquire resources to keep your heroes’ power levels up and to stay ahead of the bad guys.

There are nine different resources for players to collect in Marvel’s Avengers, eight of which are used for upgrading gear and one which is for unlocking special chests.

Marvel’s Avengers Resources

In Marvel’s Avengers, you’ll collect the following Resources;

  • Fragments
  • Upgrade Modules
  • Nanites
  • Nanotubes
  • Catalyst
  • Plasma
  • Polychoron
  • Uru
  • DNA Keys

The final item on the list — DNA Keys — are acquired from War Zones and Boss Fights and allow you to unlock special, bio-metrically locked DNA strongboxes. These strongboxes usually contain powerful gear for your heroes to help boost their power level.

Nanites, Nanotubes, Catalyst and Plasma are each used to increase the power level of the four gear types respectively; Melee, Ranged, Defense and Heroic. It takes 12 resources to go up one level for each piece of gear and gear can be levelled up between 5 and 10 times depending on its rarity. Collecting each kind of resource is important in keeping your power level going up, especially since it requires so many of each type to improve all of your heroes.

Fragments and Upgrade Modules are both used for upgrading gear, but until the final release of Marvel’s Avengers, we’re still not entirely sure what they’ll do. However, you earn fragments just by playing, smashing up boxes and defeating enemies. Upgrade Modules are earned by dismantling gear.

Nanites can be collected from purple resource crates, Nanotubes from blue resource crates, Catalyst from orange resource crates and Plasma from yellow resource crates. All four of these gear resources can also be collected by defeating enemies, though they’ll drop with varying frequencies.

Polychoron can be acquired by completing Vaults, Hives and dismantling gear. It’s used for “upgrading higher power gear” but unfortunately we’ve not yet used it in the beta. We’ll know more when we get our hands on the final version.

Uru is a “mystical metal” acquired in Elite Hives and is used to upgrade artifacts.

As we learn more about Marvel’s Avengers Resources we’ll update this page accordingly.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4, 2020.