In Marvel’s Avengers, collecting comics gives you stat bonuses

Being that Marvel’s Avengers is based on comic books, Crystal Dynamics has included collectible comic books in the game. However, instead of being simply nice pieces of art you can view in your menu, collecting comic books in Marvel’s Avengers actually helps you.

In game, there are numerous sets of comics — Thor Set, Captain America Set, Hulk Set etc — and each set includes a range of comics from different eras, authors and runs. There are different numbers of comics in each set too and by collecting them, players unlock stat bonuses for their heroes.

For example, by collecting the Thor Set, players unlock bonuses to Critical Chance, Max Willpower (Health) and more. There are 9 comics in the Thor Set which means there are 9 stat bonuses available for players.

Additionally, as the Comics are dictated by RNG, players can collect duplicates. When they do, the stat bonuses stack up to five times.

Marvel’s Avengers Comics

After playing the beta we know there are the following sets

  • Thor
  • Hulk
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Ms Marvel
  • Black Widow
  • Avengers 1
  • Avengers: Legacy
  • Classics 1
  • Generations

There are other sets in-game that we’ve yet to unlock and discover and there are sure to be more included in the final version. Stat bonuses bestowed by the comics we’ve unlocked so far include;

  • 0.5% Critical Chance
  • 0.5% Max Willpower
  • 0.5% Perk Chance
  • 0.5% Heroic Charge Rate
  • 0.5% Willpower Recovery Effectiveness
  • 1% Armour
  • 1% Stun/Status Meter Damage
  • 0.5% Status Resistance

The majority of Stat Bonuses granted by collecting in-game comics are only 0.5% but by collecting up to five duplicates, that number can be increased to 2.5%. While this still seems relatively small, when combined with Gear bonuses and your hero’s level, you can start to feel a real difference.

Hats off to Crystal Dynamics for making collectibles have an impact on gameplay, especially in such a stat driven game.

Marvel’s Avengers launches on September 4, 2020.

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