Today is the last day to upload your Naval tattoos for the chance to win some awesome prizes from World of Warships

Tattoos and sailing/the Navy go hand-in-hand. World of Warships and World of Warships: Legends are celebrating the art and culture of tattoos with a special competition seeking the best naval tattoos from across the globe.

Friday, July 17 was National Tattoo day and was the impetus for this competition. Entries have been open since then and close today. To enter, simply send a picture of your tattoo via the portal.

Once the competition closes, in 13 hours from the time of publishing, fans will vote on the best ones between July 24 and Jul 31. The winners will be announced on August 13, 2020.

World of Warships Tattoos

Philip Molodkovets, World of Warships’ Executive Producer said;

Tattoos have been a part of navy culture since Captain Cook’s first voyage to Polynesia in the 1770s where he discovered intricate and beautiful body art of indigenous people. For centuries sailors have been adorning their bodies with recognisable tattoos to appease the sea gods. Over the years tattoo art has become widespread form of personal expression, a way to show what you are passionate about. Therefore, with this tattoo contest we wanted to show the incredible bond between our community and the sea.

The prize packages for the winners include;

  • The person with the tattoo receiving the highest number of votes will receive a $1,000 USD gift card to a tattoo parlour of their choice,
  • 100 random qualifying submissions will receive a pack of camouflages in World of Warships or World of Warships: Legends,
  • Camouflage gifts for 100 random players who will cast their vote,
  • In addition, the developers of World of Warships will create a completely new camouflage inspired by one of the tattoos submitted during the contest (not contingent on how many votes it receives).

For a full list of the rules, click here.

At the time of publication, there are 181 entries, so if you have a great naval tattoo, get it entered.

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