Cross-platform MMO, V4, available now

Last month, Nexon opened pre-registrations for its new MMO, V4, and anyone who pre-registered is now eligible to log in and claim exclusive rewards. Why? Because V4 is now available on mobile and PC.

In V4, players are tasked with saving Syllunas, “once paradisal land that is now being threatened by demonic forces led by the villainous Guardion and the once mighty Scoria Knights.”

Players will have six different classes to choose from including; “Enchantress, Slayer, Knight, Warlord, Gunslinger and BoomBlade.” Each class is a damage dealer, meaning players will be able to defeat enemies and cause destruction, no matter which class they choose.


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In V4 players will be able to customise their heroes with over 50 options including weapons, armour, clothing, hair and more. Additinally, V4 includes a player-driven marketplace which will see players set the price of in-game goods. Hopefully, this leads to decent prices and not a lopsided market where those who grind can charge exorbitant sums for gear.

As part of the launch celebrations, Nexon is hosting global events. By logging into V4 daily and performing certain tasks, players will receive rewards. There are also special guild events which will require players to defeat boss monsters in groups in order to share the spoils.

Those players who pre-registered are eligiblew for a “Limited Edition Mount Costume – Poipong, 100,000 Gold, Area Teleportation Scrolls X15, Lesser Blessing Potions X10, and Gourmet Bento Chests X200.”

V4 is available now and can be found at its home page.

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