Home News Hyper Scape’s weapons and Hacks upgrade through fusion

Hyper Scape’s weapons and Hacks upgrade through fusion

Hyper Scape’s weapons and Hacks upgrade through fusion

Hyper Scape is a futuristic, FPS Battle Royale being developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The cat was let out of the bag a little early, but there’s still a lot to talk about. Hyper Scape, like other BR games, drops 100 players into a steadily shrinking arena, with the last person standing declared the winner.

It’s free-to-play and is coming to PC and consoles and will include a Battle Pass with both free and premium tracks. Players will need to loot gear, can ping points of interest and are able to revive their teammates.

However, Hyper Scape does plenty of things to make it stand out from other games in the genre.

Hyper Scape Weapons & Hacks

In Hyper Scape, players take control of Champions. Unlike Apex Legends, these Champions only differ from one another visually. They don’t have special abilities or skills that players activate. Instead, players find Hacks throughout the map.

Hacks provide players with different skills to use and change the way they approach combat and exploration. So far, we know about an Invisibility Hack, a Wall Hack, Teleport Hack, Mine Hack and Heal Hack. Most are self-explanatory but the Wall Hack and Mine Hack need some detail.

When your Champion has the Wall Hack, you can create a virtual wall to trap other players or create a barrier to protect yourself. There are bound to be more uses but for now, that’s what we’ve seen. The Mine Hack will deploy a mine that actively chases enemies down when they get nearby.

Creative Director Jean-Christophe Guyot told us, “In addition to weapons, players will be able to pick up Hacks – special abilities that let them be more creative in the way they approach encounters and team synergy.

“Some hacks will help navigate the city like the Teleport hack, some will let players outsmart their opponents like the Mine hack and some will help them survive the encounter and support their squad, like the Heal hack.”

Champions have two Hack slots and two weapon slots and their Hacks and weapons can be improved.

In Hyper Scape, players need to loot their weapons and Hacks, just like in other Battle Royales. However, instead of hunting for higher tier weapons, players can upgrade their Hacks and guns as they go. When a player picks up a weapon or Hack it will be at a certain power level. Every Hack and weapon has five levels of power.

By collecting the same weapon and Hack, already equipped, players will ‘Fuse’ them and upgrade their power. Once weapons and Hacks reach level five, they’ll gain a bonus power boost that should provide a decent edge over anyone with lower-powered gear.

Not all weapons and Hacks are only worth one power level though. Ubisoft has told PowerUp! that players have a much higher chance of finding fully tiered, level five weapons at each of the eight landmarks. Since the loot is of a higher tier at the landmarks, players should also expect to find many more enemies.

The weapons included in Hyper Scape we know about so far are;

  • Skybreaker – a heavy Energy-based weapon that shoots a single, very powerful projectile. Upon impact with a surface the energy ball bursts, damaging and knocking back all nearby enemies
  • Ripper – a classic assault-rifle delivering accurate damage at medium to long ranges
  • D-Tap – a small automatic pistol that locks onto a target, dealing a stream of minimal but continuous damage
  • Riot One – a deadly single-shot revolver. High damage but requires accuracy, great as a finisher and at medium ranges
  • Protocol V Sniper Rifle – ultra-long-range, large damage, lets you dominate from the rooftops
  • Mammoth Shotgun – a perfect weapon for close-quarters combat and clearing building interiors

Hyper Scape will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.