Outriders includes three and a half hours of cutscenes; is not open-world

In Outriders Broadcast #2, it was revealed that Outriders includes three and a half hours of cutscenes. Of these, an hour and a half are performance captured and focused on your Outrider with the remaining two hours fleshing out side missions and additional story elements found outside the campaign.

People Can Fly have also revealed how the story will unfold, how players will explore the world of Enoch and what it means to live amongst the Anamoly storms. The first Outriders Broadcast focused on the First City.

In Broadcast #2, it’s revealed that the First City is just one part of the larger colonised area of Enoch. Here, humans have worked and struggled to build a life and have constructed all manner of cities and facilities. However, the Anamoly storms and monsters of Enoch mean that humanity is essentially living in the Dark Ages.


As an Outrider, with superhuman powers, players are able to leave the human settlements of Enoch and explore beyond the safety of the cities and People Can Fly has explained how this will work.

Outriders does not include an open-world. Instead, players will explore through a “hub and spoke structure.” Essentially, players will leave hubs, like the First City, and explore combat arenas and free-roam areas, the game’s spokes. Playing through the main missions, players will be “pushed through the game” but will have the option of tackling side quests and other content along the way.

Side missions will be located “off the beaten path” and will scale to players’ current level, so too will the rewards. People Can Fly claims this will allow even the earliest of side missions to be replayed later on and still be worthwhile.

Players will also make use of the Outriders Truck to explore Enoch, though People Can Fly has said more details on the truck will be revealed in a future broadcast. For now, we know the Truck and its crew can be upgraded and expanded as you explore the game and that it brings with it, many of the features of a town.

Outriders is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2020.

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