Hyper Scape features ‘Decay’ instead of a shrinking circle

Hyper Scape is a futuristic, FPS Battle Royale being developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The cat was let out of the bag a little early, but there’s still a lot to talk about. Hyper Scape, like other BR games, drops 100 players into a steadily shrinking arena, with the last person standing declared the winner.

It’s free-to-play and is coming to PC and consoles and will include a Battle Pass with both free and premium tracks. Players will need to loot gear, can ping points of interest and are able to revive their teammates.

However, Hyper Scape does plenty of things to make it stand out from other games in the genre.

Hyper Scape Decay

Decay is Hyper Scape’s take on the shrinking circle. However, in Hyper Scape, instead of a circle gradually shrinking and forcing players closer to one another, Decay slowly deletes sections of the map.

Areas will start to slowly fade and disappear as the Decay takes hold and like the circle in other Battle Royale games, players will need to move out of the Decay to stay alive. Once the Decay has gotten to a certain point, players will take damage by standing in it and will eventually die.

Once the Decay has removed all but one section of Neo-Arcadia, the Showdown will begin.

During the Showdown, a Crown will be announced and then spawn into the map. Players will be given the exact location of the Crown 20-seconds before it appears and once it does, there are two ways to win.

Players can either defeat all other enemies or collect the Crown and hold onto it for long enough to win. Ubisoft says players can win Hyper Scape without ever firing a bullet if they’re sneaky and fast enough.

Hyper Scape will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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