How many missions are in Bounty of Blood?

Bounty of Blood is Borderlands 3’s third DLC. Set on the desert planet of Gehenna, it tells the story of the town of Vestige, the Devil Riders, Rose and Juno. Along the way, you’ll meet an interesting cast of characters, complete a range of missions and carry out a host of side quests.

All up, Bounty of Blood will take about six-eight hours to complete, depending on how far you stray from the main path. There are some new collectibles to find as well as some awesome Legendaries and, as usual, a tonne of loot.

So, how many missions are there in Bounty of Blood? Let’s take a look.

Bounty of Blood

There are five campaign missions in Bounty of Blood and 11 side-missions for a total of 16 new missions. Below, we’ll list each of the 16 missions, including their names, so if you’re averse to spoilers you might want to give the list a miss.

There aren’t story spoilers, perse, but the names of the missions do give you some ideas as to what they entail. So, if you’d rather go in fresh, then avoid scrolling down any further.


The five campaign missions are;

  • Blood From A Stone
  • The Name of the Law
  • Off the Rails
  • Where It All Started
  • Riding to Ruin

The 11 side-missions are;

  • Devil Rustlers
  • Dirty Deeds
  • Lost and Found
  • Miracle Elixer Fixer
  • Money Back Gurantee
  • Of Blood and Beans
  • Saurdew Valley
  • The Dandy and Damsel
  • The Legend of McSmugger
  • The Meatman Prophecy
  • The Quick and the Quickerer

And there you have it.

There are five campaign missions and 11 side-missions to complete in Bounty of Blood.

The DLC is now available for Borderlands 3.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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