Gearbox would love to see Amara in Smash Bros Ultimate if given the chance

We recently had a chat with Borderland 3 DLC Bounty of Blood’s Creative Director Matt Cox. In addition to chatting about changes to the game, the setting of the DLC and the focus on new characters rather than recurring ones, Cox told me Amara would be his pick to appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate if given the chance.

Given that Borderlands is now available on Switch, I asked Cox which character he thought would be the best fit and why.


All her skills would translate almost perfectly into that title. I mean, it has to be one of the Sirens, right?

Lilith…Maya…nope, definitely Amara. Okay, now I have to play that, but I have no idea what the real-life chances of that happening are.

There is an existing skin mod for Smash Bros for Wii U that turns Lucina into Zer0, though that’s a long way from an officially added DLC character.

Borderlands Smash Bros

Nintendo recently announced Min Min from ARMS as the first DLC fighter for Fighter Pass 2, which has been delayed and impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are plenty of great options for Borderlands characters in Super Smash Bros including Clap Trap, however, given Cox is keen on Amara, I’d say that gives her some momentum.

Borderlands fans should tweet their support of Amara (or any Borderlands character) appearing in Smash Bros. Who knows what the power of social media can do?

Which character would you love to see in Smash?

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