Two new gameplay videos released for Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost, the mystery adventure game from PolyArmorous, has received two brand-new gameplay trailers. Both trailers are short but give you a good look at the kind of gameplay to expect from Paradise Lost.

Looking like a first-person, puzzle/exploration game in the vein of Firewatch and Gone Home, Paradise Lost follows a 12-year old Polish boy as he explores an abandoned Nazi bunker.

Set in an alternate history, World War II didn’t end in 1945 and instead kept raging until the 1960s. In the spring of 1960, the Nazis are at risk of being overwhelmed by the Soviets and seemingly out of nowhere launch their nukes.

In the process, Europe is rendered an uninhabitable wasteland.

Paradise Lost

You can check out some gameplay above and some gameplay with commentary from the director below.

As a special treat, a demo for Paradise Lost will be available on Steam from June 16 through 22.

Paradise Lost will be available on PC in 2020 with console releases TBA.

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