Everspace 2 alpha released; new planetary locations revealed

Rockfish Games has released the alpha for Everspace 2 on Steam, giving its 1200 Kickstarter backers the chance to play 10-hours of the game. Coming to Steam Early Access in December 2020, this will be the first chance many fans have to experience content that will be available at launch.

To gain access to the closed alpha, fans can win keys from Rockfish Games’ Friday streams or from partner streams like CohhCarnage’s on Twitch.

With 10-hours of content on offer, the closed alpha allows players to experience some of Everspace 2’s story, open-world exploration and even a boss fight.

Everspace 2

The alpha will also give players a chance to check out the brand-new pilot and companion perk system. According to Rockfish Games, “While pilot perks are level-based, companion perks can be unlocked through various resources players gather along their journey.”

A level cap of 10 is in place in the closed alpha and players will be able to reach it by playing the main sequence, tackling side-missions, completing jobs and more. Players will encounter new ships, NPCs and more. The alpha has a tonne of content to discover.

Michael Schade, CEO at ROCKFISH Games said;

Following the great results of working exclusively with our most committed fans on the predecessor’s pre-release, we very much look forward to daring pilots taking the closed Alpha of EVERSPACE 2 for a spin and sharing their experience to help us nail the core game before we go into Beta and Steam Early Access, later this year

We recently interviewed Schade who gave us some great insight into Everspace 2.

Everspace 2 will enter closed beta in 2020 and ealry access on PC will launch in December 2020. The full version will launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2022.

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