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Popular Horror Games for Mac OS

Popular Horror Games for Mac OS

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Computer games are usually thought of as quick stress-busting activities which one does in one’s free time. Most games are designed to invoke quick reaction times and a sense of competition and even joy especially games involving fast cars and sports. Computer games can also be hugely addictive which means people could spend hours in front of their screens leading to many mental health issues.

A lot of games also allow players to make money online. A lot of traditional casino games like slot machines, for example, are becoming increasingly popular online. There are a lot of payment methods available for gaming of this kind. But what is also a growing niche in the world of gaming, is the horror genre. A lot of solo players like to play psychologically bent games to get a different sort of experience.

While most people game on consoles and Windows-based PCs, the proliferation of Macbooks have made many gaming developers also release OSX versions. Here are a few horror games that are available on Mac platforms.


SOMA is probably one of the most famous survival horror games ever. As the protagonist of the game, you wake up in the distant future to find yourself in an underwater research facility. As if waking up in this bizarre world all alone wasn’t creepy enough, you also notice that the random things strewn around the place are displaying human consciousness. Your job is to figure this situation out and start working your way out of this world by solving all kinds of puzzles that come your way.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia is the kind of first-person survival game that will send a shiver up your spine. The year is 1839, and you find yourself in an old castle called the Brennenburg Castle. Like SOMA, you have to start working your way out by solving mind games and using tools and machinery that are accessible to you. You also need to be very careful because there are creepy creatures walking around the castle waiting to kill you. The only way to escape them is to hide in the darkness. But too much darkness can make you go insane. But you have to be careful because strange monsters lurk in the darkness and there is no way you can kill them. If this sounds too scary for your liking then perhaps you should try playing games such as teen patti online.

Doki Doki Literature Club

For those who like manga comics, this is a great game that totally takes you by surprise. The gameplay is very basic and is designed like a visual novel where a lot of text is displayed on the screen to read. You are in school and part of a literature club with four other girls who all seem to have some sort of crush on you. While this might come across as the exact opposite of a horror story, things take a really dark twist halfway into the game. This game is not suitable for kids and for those who have anxiety issues. In fact, even the BBC has issued a warning about the suicide theme of this game.

If your Macbook has an enhanced graphics card then perhaps you could also try out some games on Steam like Layers of Fear and Lucius. We would also highly recommend using a good pair of noise cancelling headphones.

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