What is the attack rotation for the RuneScape 3 boss Vorago?

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Unlike other bosses in RuneScape 3, Vorago is more rewarding when taking him on with a smaller team. Larger teams are possible but they start to become more problematic for dealing with this boss so you only want 9 people at the maximum though it can be done with 5 players.

Vorago has 250,000 health during each phase and every attack on him has a 15% chance to miss regardless. He also has an auto-heal mechanic which is removed in certain phases once the requirements are. The stat restores make him difficult to deal with so bringing the RuneScape 3 boss Varago down is very worthwhile.

The boss drops five drop sets when beaten, for each battle phase Vorago has three slots assigned to give players rewards for doing certain things. For each phase, the players who do the following will be getting a drop:

  • Deals the most damage
  • Had Vorago’s aggression at the end of the phase
  • Obtained the most blue bombs though this is disregarded for a phase if no blue bomb is sent out

There’s a lot of nice things you can pick up from Vorago drops which you could sell to get some RuneScape 3 gold. Doing this boss is worthwhile for everyone including those looking to increase the amount of gold in their Runescape accounts.

Attack Rotation: Weekly Specials

Vorago’s attacks change every Wednesday at 00:00 UTC which means that phases 3,4 and 5 are rotated each week. So, this guide might sometimes be a little “unuseful” just like most other guides because Vorago rotates so often. Here is the rotation list for the RuneScape 3 boss Vorago:

Ceiling Collapse

Vorago can cause rocks to fall from the ceiling by aiming upwards to damage it, rocks will then fall from above. Shadows will appear where the rocks will land then 6 seconds. Later, they will land on those spots. As the rocks fall, Vorago will jump to another square in the room.

Scopulus – During this week Phase 3 ends when both Scopulii are killed

Instead of attacking Vorago during this part of the boss fight, players need to defeat the two summoned Scopulii instead. Once one dies the other becomes enraged and auto-heals 15,000 HP, doubles its attack speed and AOE of attacks also along with accuracy/damage modifiers.


RuneScape 3 boss Vorago throws an orb that can summon up to 5 Vitalii, the orb will travel a number of squares before exploding. Players in the explosion range take 2,000 damage and for every player who takes damage from the explosion, one less Vitalii will be prevented from spawning. So, if 5 players take damage then no Vitalii will spawn.

Green Bomb

While the initial green bomb targets one random player, it can be a litle deceiving. The player gets a message in their chat box saying “Voragot has sent a green bomb after you” and a similar warning being “Voragot has sent a green bomb after you. Run!”. You don’t want to run away from your team unless you want to actually skip parts of the fight. The green bomb will deal 1000 damage to the original target and any adjacent players, then it selects a new target within 2 squares of that players to target next. If it hits the same player twice, they will take 7000 – 9000 damage and it can still pass to nearby players. If there are no players in range of its target then it deals 10,000 damage and immediately disappears. The green bombs here can bounce 5 times before disappearing and once done it progresses the attack rotation.

Team Split

When this activates, RuneScape 3 boss Vorago begins to charge for an explosion which takes just under 8 seconds to full charge. It turns half the players red and the other half blue, they then need to run to the boxes that appear which is the same colour they are. If a player is not inside when Vorago explodes they will take 8,000 damage. If your health is below this then it will immediately kill you.

The End

This is more complicated to explain. When RuneScape 3 boss Vorago starts this attack, he raises his arms and faces one of the quadrants and players have a few seconds to get to that area. Any player not in that area will take 100 damage suffocation initially which increases by 100 every two ticks. Vorago will move his arms periodically and players who were still in that area will be thrown at the wall of the next quadrant and will take 2500 damage. Players not inside his arms should move to the next corner he will focus.

The first quadrant has no bombs but the remaining three all do. Two and Three will have either red or blue bombs while the last corner is always purple bombs which will launch to everyone. The red and blue ones will only launch at the player who tags them which means, you should not tag those two coloured bombs. The purple bombs will launch no matter what so it’s good to tag them once the corner is sealed off.

Other useful things to know

Purple Bombs

These turn players into an explosive vitalii so they deal 2000 damage to all players in 2 squares on that target. If you are hit by one, you will see a counter appear on screen that counts down slowly and also a blue bar under your life points bar. When the counter reaches 0, the purple bomb will explode.

Remaining bombs

To finish the attack, RuneScape 3 boss Vorago will launch every remaining bomb in the room at all the players left. When launched, the bombs will lose charges equal to however players are left in the room and if there are any charges left then additional bombs will be launched until there are no charges left to be used.

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