Final Fantasy 11 and 14 collaboration event brings both games together for a limited time

Starting today and running until June 22, Final Fantasy 14 players cam take part in the special Final Fantasy 11 crossover event; The Maidens Rhapsody: Memories of an Unseen Realm. This in-game event will require players to assist Remumu, a reporter, chasing her latest story.

By participating, players will be able to unlock the Amatsu armour set, worn by Final Fantasy 11s heroine Iroha.

To take part in the event, simply head to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks and speak to Remumu. The quest, ‘A Journey to Remember’ will be added to your journal.

Final Fantasy 14

The full armour set includes;

  • Amatsu Hachigane
  • Amatsu Togi
  • Amatsu Tekko
  • Amatsu Haidate
  • Amatsu Sune-ate  

As this is a limited-time event, once the event period has expired, you will be unable to complete the quest. So, if you’re planning on tackling it, make sure you do so before June 22.

Final Fantasy 14 is available for PC and PS4.

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