Meet Kate O’Hara, Desperados 3’s undistressed damsel, free demo now available

THQ Nordic and Mimimi Games have just released a new trailer for Desperados 3. This time, they’re shining a spotlight on character Kate O’Hara. Kate grew up in Colorado and dreamt of a life of fame in the big city. Instead, she ended up in the Wild West. There she learned to make her way using her wits, her fists and her charm.

In the trailer, Kate shows how versatile a character she is, using costumes to disguise herself, stunning enemies with a dazzling item, luring them with her feminine wiles and distracting them so her companions can get the drop on them.

She’s also not averse to using ranged weaponry, which the trailer shows her doing with aplomb.

Desperados 3

In addition to the introduction to Kate, Mimimi Games and THQ Nordic have announced a free demo is now available. To download the demo, head to The file is 5.7GB and includes two missions from the beginning of the game.

One of the missions is the one we played for our hands-on preview.

The download page suggests the demo lasts about 90-120 minutes and is suggesting players attempt a speedrun for the second mission.

If you’re keen to see more on Desperados 3, you can check out the series of developer diaries on YouTube.

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