Apex Legends’ Season 5 has the highest player retention and most weekly hours played of any season so far

Respawn and EA have been thrilled with season 5 of Apex Legends, announcing today that it — Fortune’s Favour — has had the best start of any season to date. Season 5 has seen more new players, more returning players and higher player retention has been paired with players playing longer than ever before.

Season 5 has been delivering new story content and expanding Apex Legends’ lore which has led to an increase in user-generated content and minutes watcheds on YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms.

The Season 5 trailer has seen more than 47 million views to date and players have created content that has seen more than 176 million views within the first two weeks. This is the most views for user created content than any other season.

Apex Legends Season 5

Game Director Chad Grenier is also thrilled with the performance of Season 5.

Bringing more of the Apex Legends story and experience to life for our fans is the thrill of working on this game, and Season 5 is no exception.

This season we wiped out Skull Town, which really allowed us to have some fun and do something unexpected. We’re happy to see that players, both new and returning, are really enjoying it.

Season 5 introduced the new Legend Loba, a new Battle Pass, new Quests and saw the destruction of Skull Town.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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