Vigor will be released for Switch this Winter after successful closed beta

Bohemia Interactive’s unique multiplayer/survival title Vigor will launch for Switch this Winter. After a successful closed beta, early access will be granted for those who purchase the Founder’s Pack and will be granted this Winter; Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Those who prefer the free-to-play version will need to wait a little longer. There’s no set date for the launch of the free-to-play version of Vigor, but Bohemia Interactive has said it will be avaiable “later in 2020.”

The Founder’s Pack not only grants early access to the Switch version of Vigor it also gives players a number of additional in-game items. These include the Founder Uniform, Vigor Baseball Cap, ‘Dust-Off Hands’ Emote and $40 USD worth of in-game currency.


Bohemia Interactive has said, “Based on the Nintendo Switch closed beta, the Vigor team is hard at work on improvements and fixes which came out of the feedback from players. Progress there and the test’s results are why the team is confidently giving early access to Switch players this summer via the Founder’s Pack.”

The closed beta saw more than 16,000 players take part, of which 57% did so in handheld mode. Those players managed to capture over 8,000 airdrops and somehow saw 252 players killed by airdrops.

That’s impressive.

Bohemia Interactive is focusing on improving the visuals on Switch in handheld mode and will ensure gyro controls are included in the final release. They were almost available for the closed beta, but the team wasn’t able to include them in time.

Vigor is an interesting take on the survival/battle royale genre. It sees up to 12 players explore a map to try and claim an airdrop and escape. However, the potential to work together is ever-present, as is the potential to be betrayed.

It’s available free-to-play on Xbox One and the Switch version will be released in early access in Winter and free-to-play later in 2020.

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