Learn how to build your own Forts in Torchlight 3

Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games have shared details about the new Forts system included in the upcoming Torchlight 3. In Torchlight 3, players will be able to build and customise their very own forts and fortresses in order to “leave their personal mark on the world.” Forts will serve as hubs where players can meet their friends, improve their characters and change armour.

For the most part, Torchlight 3 builds on the ARPG foundations of the previous games, however, it includes new features, like Forts, to deepend the experience.

According to Echtra Games,

Forts are your personal mark on the world. Each will truly be unique and the resources are in your hands. The interior can be customized with a wide variety of cosmetic objects. Plant a lush garden, make a monument to your success, or memorials to the thousands of Goblins that stood in your way. Build a path… or don’t! The choice is yours.

Torchlight 3

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Forts are unlocked early in Act 1 and players will be able to start customising theirs right away. However, to unlock your first fort, you’ll need to liberate it from a pesky Goblin tribe.

Once that’s done, you can start making the place your own. Anything you craft or earn can be placed anywhere within the Fort and you can change their position and direction as well.

Unlocking new decorations can be accomplished by completing Contracts and you can even a special contract that will give you a special cosmetic reward.

Forts aren’t only for show though. Players can place interactable inside their Fort which can be used by visiting players to bestow a blessing or receive your rare recipes.

For more on Torchlight 3’s Forts, check out the trailer below and the blog post by Echtra Games.

Torchlight 3 will launch for PC in 2020.

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