Check out the top three best gaming clips of the week courtesy of This Week On…

With so many games available and so many people playing at any given time, there’s going to be an incredible number of amazing gaming clips for fans to check out. Thankfully, the This Week On… team on YouTube do the hard work for you. They compile the best three clips of the week and put them in one handy video for you to check out and be amazed.

According to the team;

This Week On” is a web series that brings together the best epic, funny, and fail clips from gamers around the internet. The show takes three clips, puts them head-to-head and then lets YOU decide which one is best!

New episodes are released every Thursday 11am PST (2pm EST).

In this week’s video, an amazing Fortnite no-scope, a GTA Online traffic fail and some Borderlands 3 truckrobatics give you lots to love.

This Week On…

Check out the video above, vote for your faves and let the This Week On… team know how you feel.

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Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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