New podcast for Horror fans – Chaos to the Fly!

Some of you out there may already be listeners of another podcast that I run and post about regularly on this website – Cephalon Squared, the Warframe podcast.

Well, I decided to do something a little different, and make a story-based podcast focused entirely on horror and the supernatural – with a little education mixed in for fun.

It’s called “Chaos to the Fly” and I hope you have the time to check it out – Episode 1 of Season 1 just dropped last week, and I’ve embedded it here below for your listening pleasure!

Horror and supernatural podcast

Each episode will follow the same format:

  • Edutainment: a brief overview of a demon or folklore from all around the world. Episode 1 looks at Pazuzu
  • Ghost Story: one or more ghost stories submitted by real people, including listeners of the podcast (submit your experience here)
  • Review: a review of horror TV, movie or books. I try to keep it recent, but I really just want to share good horror

If you do have a listen, please let me know your thoughts. I’d really like this to be a great experience for listeners, so I appreciate any and all feedback!

Check out the official website here!

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