What’s the quickest way to unlock the Resident Evil 3 Rocket Launcher?

After the short story of Resident Evil 3, there are still a few things to do around the burning streets of Racoon City. This guide is focused on farming enough points for the shop, to be able to unlock the Infinite Resident Evil 3 Rocket Launcher, and most of the other stuff in there.

This took me about 2 hours in total and as a short game, it has an equally short farming period? It’s solely focused on getting all of the total zombie kills.

In retrospect, I think I could have done this even faster, had I bought the Assault coins from the shop first, as their increased damage output make assault rifle kills and handgun kills immensely easier.

Resident Evil 3 Rocket Launcher

The three best zombie farming locations in Resident Evil 3 are;

  • Raccoon City Outskirts / Dilapidated Sewers
    • Find a way above ground – Grenade Launcher and Shotgun kills.
  • Nest 2 / Storage
    • Search for a Vaccine – Magnum Kills
  • Hospital / Makeshift Sickroom
    • Defend JillAssault Rifle, Handgun kills and remaining kills (Using the Rocket Launcher)

The key is to reload these saves as soon as you have managed to kill the enemies present. Check-in on your Records to keep track, as you do not receive any notification about the milestones unless you are in the Records menu.

Raccoon City Outskirts / Dilapidated Sewers

Equip the shotgun and grenade launcher if you haven’t already. Run through the door and follow the hallway. Use the Sticky Mines or Explosive rounds, as Flame rounds do not do a lot of damage to zombies.

There are three zombies in this corridor and three up the stairs, pop them and reload the save.

Nest 2 / Storage

Make a new save after you have grabbed the USB Key and equipped the Magnum.

Open the giant door the Key requires and headshot the Zombie and the four Paleheads in the room. You’ll have to run up the stairs to see the fourth on the back wall in the room.

This was by far the fastest for me, despite not having any previous Magnum kills.

Hospital / Makeshift Sickroom

This one is the money maker.

If you have already done step 1 and 2, I would consider buying at least one Assault Coin to assist in this endeavour. Grab all the ammo in the room before the second cut scene where the Zombies break through the main door and you have to destroy the pillar, as the ammo respawns in the same spots after this cut scene.

Don’t grab the detonator.

You will now have around 120 zombies spawning 5-6 at a time through the main door, so just line them up and take them out. Stun them with the batteries on the ground and farm those kills.

However, do NOT reload your manual save, instead, reload the Autosave once you either run out of zombies or ammo, this will provide you with a lot more enemies. You will soon be able to afford the rocket launcher, and then I would recommend going back to this particular autosave.

Just shoot rockets into the horde, and keep hitting the (actual) door, as each rocket nets you between 3-6 zombies, even if they haven’t shambled over the barricade. Now you’ll be able to afford most other things in the shop – where I would recommend the hip pouches and coins to speed run the harder difficulties.

By following these tips and using these farming spots, you’ll unlock the Resident Evil 3 Rocket Launcher very quickly. Once you have the Rocket Launcher, you can blast through the game and get very quick completion times.

Resident Evil 3 is available now.

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