Resident Evil 3 Guide – How to Get all of Carlos’ Hip Pouch Upgrades

When you first start Resident Evil 3, Jill can only carry eight items. It’s a tiny number when you consider you’ll be holding a handgun, bullets, a knife, herbs and plenty more. Almost right away you start to run out of space. However, there are a number of Hip Pouches hidden throughout the campaign for you to find both for Jill and Carlos. With this guide, we’ll help you find all of Carlos’ Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch Upgrades.

Some of them require some effort to find, while others will be pretty hard to miss. Nonetheless, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss them by accident and then struggle as you played through the campaign.

Space is always at a premium in Resident Evil games and Resident Evil 3 is no exception.

Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch

The first Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch Upgrade you can get for Carlos is inside RCPD and it’s going to be in a familiar location for people who played Resident Evil 2. Inside the West Office, there’s another smaller office with a safe inside.

This safe also appeared in Resident Evil 2 and it has the exact same combination as it did in that game. Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.

You can find the Note with the safe combination in the Safe Room under the stairs or you can just open it up right away.

The next Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch Upgrade for Carlos comes from the Hospital and is during the Horde section.

When you have to fight off against waves of zombies in the hospital while waiting for the vaccine to cure Jill, the lights will go out. You’ll have to find the breaker to turn them back on and this means waiting until a Hunter busts open the doors behind the reception desk.

Kill the hunter and go into the room he came from. Sitting right in front of you is the Hip Pouch.

And that’s it for Carlos.

Resident Evil 3 is available now.

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