Resident Evil 3 Guide – All Note Locations

In Resident Evil 3, there are a total of 56 notes to find and collect. These notes give you additional story, lore and other tidbits. Notes can also help explain gameplay mechanics, new weapons and other items in the game too. By collecting them all, not only will you get a deeper and better look at the world of Resident Evil 3, you’ll also unlock the Bookworm Trophy/Achievement and also the Bookworm Record.

The Bookworm Record rewards you with 1000P to spend in the in-game shop for purchasing special items to help improve your speed-runs or give you a better chance of surviving higher difficulties.

Most of the 56 notes are pretty easy to find. There are a few that are easy to overlook or miss though. And given the nature of Resident Evil 3, once you miss them, it’s difficult (or impossible) to go back.

Resident Evil 3 Notes

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In the gallery above, you’ll find images for all Resident Evil 3 notes as well as an image of the note and (in most cases) a map location.

We’re not going to go through and give you a detailed description of where each note is and how to find it as we did with the Charlie Dolls. Instead, just keep this page open while you’re playing and scroll through the gallery to make sure you don’t miss any.

Resident Evil 3 is available now.

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